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With the world growing flatter every day, to compete locally you have to compete globally. In your business, as in your career, as in your personal life, tomorrow is only as promising as your ability to negotiate today.

Negotiation is what we do and all we do. This is our strength and our competitive advantage. We live it, we breath it, we teach it, and we do it better than anyone
What we offer:
Consulting & Coaching
WinningNegotiations is staffed by business men and women familiar with real world success. If you face a critical negotiation, be it a contract, buy/sell agreement, mediation, collective bargaining, et al, the advantage of experience should be on your side.
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The Negotiation Advantage
The Negotiation Advantage™ is a hands-on, action-packed seminar with 100% practical information for improving your negotiations immediately. You'll walk away well versed in winning strategies and tactics, how to use them and how to counter when they're used against you. You'll learn how to set your own strategy of successful outcomes, which tactics to use, as well as how and when to apply them effectively.
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Developing your Strategic IQ
Those with strategic thinking skills coupled with well honed negotiation skills always outperform experts and novices alike. This one-day seminar puts you on the cutting edge, sharpening your Strategic IQ for life.
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Our services & solutions:
We know the needs and pressures to make the most of your training investment. We offer a range of low-impact approaches with high-impact results — fast and measurable benefits:

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