Seasoned Professionals
Every day the pressures to improve your deals escalate.
You can't burn bridges and your reputation is increasingly at stake.
The pressures to strike even better deals narrows your vision along win/lose lines.
The Negotiation Advantage ™ broadens your vision and expands your range – more options, better solutions, greater outcomes.





Client Testimonials

Nothing says it better than a client's unsolicited note of gratitude and stories of great success. Our graduates report...


"I smiled as I recognized 'by name' the tactics that were being pushed toward me during the negotiation. I remembered you emphasizing that it was not personal, just business. Rather than react or defend, I was able to counter calmly and take control of the matter such that I was able to secure concessions that would have never been considered before. Between extended terms and delivery concessions, we will save over $100,000 in year one alone -- from just this one vendor." - Industrial Products, Supply Chain Manager

"In 2005 we will increase our contract revenue from $1.5MM to approximately
$2.5 MM from the same accounts!" Thank you for your valuable assistance."
- Shipping & Transportation, Managing Supervisor

"The class was amazing! Our staff of 24 people attended the seminar and participated throughout the two days. They thoroughly enjoyed it. In fact, one of the attendees concluded a negotiation at the end of the first day of the seminar. Using the skills learned earlier in the day she was able to get a better deal for both parties. Before it was over, the seminar had already paid for itself. Thank you for everything!" - Insurance Brokerage, VP Finance

"As a result, I see many changes in how my staff handles their day-to-day negotiations. Across the board, I see a consistent approach that all my account managers use when dealing with clients. That approach has led to the follow results:

1) Increased revenues: Sales over this last quarter were ahead of projections by 12%, the first time in three years.

2) Reduction in discounts: It started with a couple of account managers, but now all have jumped in to renegotiate legacy accounts where clients were automatically getting 10% off. No more standing discounts.

3) Account managers started putting prices on things they used to give away. The idea was to create 'leverageable appreciation'. Nevertheless, customers started paying for the extras and wound up more satisfied than before.
- Industrial Distribution, Regional Division Executive

"Our sale and business development people, along with management, all have a common language now and a framework through which they can more effectively collaborate when negotiating with customers or when they have to negotiate internally with our corporate executives, production and product development departments." - Auto Parts Manufacturing, Production Manger

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