Consulting Services
Winning Negotiations offers you a full range of support services.

We can help you with a specific negotiation or guide you through a series of negotiations until you are sure of your skill-sets. We can evaluate your position, benchmark comparable deals, help you develop a strategy and tactical approaches; evaluate offers and counter-offers, and more. We can be there for you on an as-needed basis or for ongoing projects.

We can represent you in a negotiation when introducing a professional third party can help you to improve your position, buy you breathing room, or help recast the negotiation along a new and different track.

Conflict Resolution
We can help you resolve conflicts between you and vendors, customers, and business partners, as well as conflicts within your workplace.

Our conflict resolution services include:
     • Mediation of disputes
     • Communication enhancement
     • Facilitate difficult dialog between parties
     • Alternative settlement brainstorming

Collective Bargaining
We can mediate contract discussions, negotiations and manage fire-box teams, such as when a deal-breaking issue is not advancing, we can manage an off-line team with representatives from both sides and intensively go at it until breakthrough alternatives are hammered out.


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