In-House Seminars                 


In addition to enjoying the benefits of having all your key people speaking the same negotiation language, conducting the Negotiation Advantage™ seminars exclusively for your group greatly enhances the experience for everyone involved and offers much greater value for your organization.

The Negotiation Advantage™ in-house program can be tailored to your organizations specific needs and used to present or enlist your group into new corporate strategic goals and imperatives. You can put your whole organization through the program or specific departments such as your purchasing, sales, finance, operations, production, engineering, and management.

Moving your entire team through the shared experience of the Negotiation Advantage™ program boosts personal and professional confidence in that everyone learns a common language for negotiating professional and personal business dealings. This can immediately improve communication, team efforts and overall business success with vendors and customers alike.

The Negotiation Advantage™ In-house program is especially effective for:
Maximizing results by bringing special teams together such as your sales force, buyers, engineers and others who negotiate with vendors, customers or intra-divisionally.
Organizations with existing training facilities.
Companies that want to create a greater sense of team.
Operations with specific areas of focus.
Companies intent on expanding market share, increase sales or improve profitability.

Bringing Negotiation Advantage™ into your organization, addressing your specific needs, with your people exclusively participating in this highly empowering process together, the results can be powerful, dynamic and extremely productive.

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