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"If I listen, I have the advantage; if I speak, others have it."
-- From The Arabic




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Negotiation Advantage™ Seminar

Course Description

The Negotiation Advantage ™ is a hands-on, action-packed seminar with 100% practical information for improving your negotiations immediately. You'll walk away well versed in the winning strategies and tactics of negotiation, how to use them and how to counter when they're used against you. You'll learn how to set your own strategy of successful outcomes, which tactics to use, as well as how and when to apply them effectively.

The Negotiation Advantage ™ will benefit senior management, sales, purchasing, legal, finance, IT, HR, contracting, leasing, and any other business or personal negotiations.

The Negotiation Advantage ™ is based on years of study, real-world experience, in-depth interviews and polling with accomplished negotiators, sellers, buyers, mediators, and highly successful entrepreneurs.

The Negotiation Advantage ™ will prepare you for deal-making in today's high-stakes global economy.

The Negotiation Advantage ™ will have the highest ROI of any business seminar you've ever taken! Guaranteed!

Negotiation Advantages:
Learn Strategic Thinking, the key to setting up the win.
Learn Effective Tactics that deliver the win.
Improve your deal making and see results immediately.
Achieve financial success, increase profitability and create new opportunities.
Increase your value to your organization.
Discover new solutions to business and personal problems.
Resolve disputes and conflicts and learn how to prevent them.
Learn how to spot tactics and how to counter each and every one to your advantage
Learn how to shift your negotiation style to suit different circumstances.
Develop strategies for potentially problematic negotiations and negotiators.
Improve individual, team, department, and company productivity.
Create a strong negotiating position (even if you are in a weak position).
Manage cultural and gender-based issues.
Improve your management and interpersonal skills.
Become a better leader and team-builder.
Improve your selling and purchasing skills.
Avoid getting cheated; and…
Confidently negotiate any situation with skills that will last you a lifetime.

The skilled negotiator hits the mark far more often than the unskilled negotiator. The skilled negotiator learns which tactics to apply and when and knows how to counter when he spots tactics used against him. The skilled negotiator knows how to gain advantage yet leave the other party satisfied, ready and eager to do business with him or her again.

Everything in life is a negotiation. Once learned, the skills of negotiation apply to every type of interaction and every area of your life. If you are a professional buyer or seller, a lawyer, a broker, an agent, an accountant or department head, these skills will improve your outcomes every time.

If you are buying a car, hiring a painter, resolving a problem with a neighbor or deciding on who gets the aisle seat, your outcomes will vastly improve. And, in all cases, the other party will be happier with their deal. This comes from mastering the Negotiation Advantage ™. Beyond simple win/win, which too often is lose/lose or just plain so/so, the Negotiation Advantage ™ primes you for getting to what you want while leaving the other party thoroughly satisfied.



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