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To accommodate the unique requirements of dynamic companies, we offer a flexible approach to getting all your key people properly trained in the ways of Negotiation Advantage™. Create your training plan and budget for the year and send your people to public trainings as best suits your timing and staffing requirements throughout the year.

You get a great discount based on the number of seats you reserve and you enjoy the flexibility of when and where and many of your people get trained at any given time.

This plan is for you if yours is a company...

  • with a staff dispersed across the U.S., Latin America or Europe, or a staff that continuously travels. Pick cities and dates that suit your needs at any time over the course of the year.
  • with an eye toward saving money by maximizing the discount potential of a volume, year-long commitment.
  • with a desire to train every member of a team or department, such as Sales, Marketing, Leasing, etc., but prefer not to have a large number of people offline at the same time. Send a few at a time and still enjoy the discounted pricing of a training a group of people.

Reserve the number of seats you want over the next four quarters. The more seats you reserve the greater your discount. We will provide you with a monthly report indicating who attended the Negotiation Advantage™ Seminar, where and when and how many seats remain available on your plan.


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