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Developing Your Strategic IQ ™ Seminar

“The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing.”
-  Jim Barkesdale FedEx, McCaw Celluar, Netscape

Course Description

Thinking is an innate ability. However, thinking well, thinking intelligently, and thinking successfully are not. Fortunately, the kind of thinking that consistently produces great results, resolves problems and comes up with fresh creative ideas can be learned and improved.

The Strategic IQ Seminar is a one-day experience that immerses participants in strategic thinking, a key competency that every leader and manager must have in today's highly fluid and increasingly competitive marketplace.



Benefits include:

Leadership Competencies Personal Effectiveness
Develop Personal Strategies Planning & Execution
Develop Career Strategies Critical Thinking Skills
Improved Communication Skills Managing Change
Improved Negotiations Skills Accelerated Results
End-Results Thinking Improved Outcomes
Self-Motivation Getting to Results
Motivating Others Priority Focused Thinking





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