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Developing Your Strategic IQ ™ Seminar

“The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing.”
-  Jim Barkesdale FedEx, McCaw Celluar, Netscape

Course Outline

I. Getting to the Truth
   - Smoke & Mirrors – Your Senses & Truth
   - The Learning Process
   - The Opposing Forces of Thought and How to Leverage Them
   - The Brain's Filtering System — the Good, the Bad, the
   - ExpertVision - Seeing What You Haven't Seen Before

II. Setting, Expanding and Reaching Your Vision
   - The Strategic IQ Model    - Starting at the Finish Line
   - Getting from Here to There – How it Works
   - Comfort Zone-itis and How to Treat It
   - Understanding Your Motives and Motivations
   - The Adventure of Change

III. Risk and Realizing Your Vision
   - The Mind's Radar: Finding and Tracking Success Resources
   - High Performance Thinking
   - Imprinting the Vision

V. Strategic IQ and Planning for Success
   - Tapping the Genius Inside
   - The Sure-Fire “How To” Approach
   - Creating A Winning Team Around You
   - Looking Beyond Blind Spots
   - Intuition – Your Best Planning Resource




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